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Friday, October 15, 2021

The Hard Way- Part 3 of 5

The Hard Way- Part 3 of 5- In which KDP is threatened with the unkindest cut of all.


Looking for further ways to both torture and motivate me, the first thing my tormentor saw nearby was the mantlepiece of creepy dolls and toys.

Seeing the mechanical, musical monkey, she waved her hand and the thing sprung to life chattering like the Zuni warrior doll in “Trilogy of Terror”. As it scurried beneath me, the ghoul once again gripped my genitals and dangled my most sensitive parts, like an old coin purse to a thief, to attract the monkey’s attention. 

Intrigued by the tempting offer, the monkey opened his cymbals wide and waited for the signal from its mistress. 

She then cackled fitfully, amused at the prospect of my monkey-mashed testicles, and chortled, “go ahead evil monkey, let’s see what you can do.”  She held me firm so I could not escape my impending fate but waited savoring the apprehension in my face. It reminded me of when Rosa slaps me down there and will wait with a cocked hand as I grimace in anticipation. The monkey seemed equally amused by my worried expression and seemed to savor the moment, but then did as commanded and slammed its cymbals together just as the ghoul cautiously pulled her fingers away from the monkey’s target area. 

The impact resounded not with a clang, but a ‘splitch’ and a loud cry from me far less musical than even the worst wailing from Shakira. The knee-weakening ache that followed reached deep into my stomach almost making me nauseous. The worst part was that the evil little bugger didn’t even let go but held me clamped as if in a vise, squashed between his steel saucers.

Now much more sympathetic to women and their mammograms, I tried pulling him off in a panic but the creature possessed the adhesion of a tick imbued with demonic strength. Anyone who complains about having ‘a monkey on their back’ never realized there are far worse places to have one.  

“Feeling a little desperate?” the ghoul asked sarcastically. “Fair enough. Let him go, little monkey, and back on your shelf. I see something else that I think will really let my message sink in.”  Her attention was now focused on my shelf of specimens in jars and as she walked over with me in tow, her feet clacking with each step on my wooden floor, it occurred to me that skeletons would be natural tap dancers.

“Hmmmm, oh, now here’s an idea! I wonder how your severed penis would look in one of those jars? What a conversation piece for a Halloween Party! And  we wouldn’t even need a terribly large one, would we?” Seeing a particular specimen, she continued, “ah here we are! A worm! How appropriate. This container would be just right I think. Come with me!”

The next Halloween prop she snatched up made me nostalgic for the pincers, as she lifted some rusty shears from the table of props.

 “Now,” she growled, “you have a….choice!”

I did not need her to explain further. My alternatives could not have been more clear than they were. “You don’t have much down there to begin with, my reluctant friend, so I doubt you’d like to end up even smaller than you are.” She was right. I had little to spare in this area and her method of trimming me further struck me as even less appealing than kissing those wretched toes. I pleaded for another chance, and the ghoul tossed the shears aside.

I was as true to my word as I could have been and this time imagined it was my honey, Rosa's feet…...though it took an enormous amount of concentration to do so since there was no comparison between those lovely “mushrooms” of Rosa’s and the calcified phalanges of the ghoul.. 

The ghoul sensed the change in my enthusiasm. She now moaned with pleasure at my lappings, and then chuckled evilly to herself, as if some terrible idea had just filtered into the void of her cranium. “You know,” she began, “you are definitely doing a much better job. I wonder though, since each act of convincing you to try harder only influenced you for a brief, scary, or painful moment, maybe you would be even better if you had a more constant reminder acting to motivate you?”

-------------to be continued next Friday with part 4 of 5.


  1. Ooooh that is one scary looking monkey!!! And your penis in a bottle... ouch! Yet again enjoyed the images :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. I can't take credit for the monkey. He was a purchase......but just about everything else on the mantlepiece was customized or at least repainted. Check out the 'eye-doll' on the left next to the monkey. That was a fun project!

      Next Friday the ghoul finally turns her malevolent attention away from my front for a bit. ;-)

  2. Oh ouch. I know these were all just props but the pics and the story gave me the heebee-jeebees.

    1. I assure you, no KDPs were injured in the making of this feature. Mildly hurt? At times, but nothing worse than that. LOL (In looking at the monkey's attack in picture form, I admit it seems terrible, but as the person in the pictures, I find it funny that I was able to get those shots without even the slightest discomfort. It's way worse when Rosa decides to ball-slap me on occasion.)

      And......LOL.....Halloween stories SHOULD give you the heebee-jeebies!

  3. LOL!!!

    And to think! I nearly missed all this!