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Friday, October 22, 2021

The Hard Way- Part 4 of 5

The Hard Way- Part 4 of 5: In which the ghoul demonstrates some techniques she picked up from Vlad Tepes.

Now being fully determined to prevent my newfound enthusiasm from waning, the ghoul ordered me up, and I could see she was now holding a rather sturdy femur, though it could not have been hers, since both were still attached to her pelvis. “Come here,” she barked, “and turn around!” 

I did as directed when she issued one further command: “Bend over, dear…….and let me see what you’re hiding between those little cheeks. Hmmmmm, not exactly a tight, virgin pucker, eh? Well that’s good. It’ll make this next part a little easier. Now take a nice deep breath.”

I imagine a specter such as she, must have access to all sorts of metaphysical aids and while I can’t say for sure, I imagine she must have conjured some ghostly ectoplasm onto the femur’s head and greater trochanter, to act as lubricant. 

This was a mixed blessing because while I could have never accommodated such a gnarly intruder without some slimy assistance, I found the ectoplasm to not only possess the slickness of Astroglide, but the apparent Scoville equivalent of a ghost pepper, (apropos of a dead specter I suppose)The ghoul wasted little time in plunging that knobby shaft directly into my waiting anus…….

…….. and I could not tell whether the burning sensation I felt was from the ectoplasm or the forceful insertion.

My tormentor was certainly more swift than gentle, driving that bone right up inside me..

 Once impaled and looking like a ham with the bone still in.............

…... I resumed my podal ministrations with a zeal that would be the envy of a martyred saint…... or Trump supporter. 

Sensing my profound willingness to please, the ghoul forced her foot as far into my mouth as it could go so that I was now impaled by bone as deeply in one end as I was in the other, though at least her toes did not produce the fiery torment that the femur did. My bottom felt as if a glowing hot poker had been lodged inside me rather than a bone.

The ghoul then laughed maniacally at her total victory over me, her mortal toy. And I? I was as defeated and compliant as any sub with a fleshier, and less deceased Mistress. “OK, my little foot boy. I think we’ve taken that aspect of devotion as far as we can, and my time is growing short as well. As much as I’d love to torment you all day…..or all eternity for that matter…...there simply are other places I need to be. But before I go, there IS definitely one last thing you and I are going to share.”

“But FIRST…….” she exclaimed, “we need to rid you of your little motivational intruder. And besides,” she mused with a tilt of her skull, “I have to get that back to its owner before her morning jog.” 

Once again I was summoned to the ghoul’s side and ordered to turn around so that she could get a good grip on the sturdy bone jutting out of my posterior. She took hold of it and tugged, but the trouble with most long bones is that they are rather prominently flared and bulbous at each end, and a femur is emphatically so.

This is great when your desire is to have it stay in, but becomes a nuisance when the goal is removal. For someone dead for so long, you would think she would have learned patience, but this ghoul had little and rather than ease the bone out gently, she just put her foot against my rump and yanked it out with a shocking ‘pop’, like a champagne cork, leaving my anus akin to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. 

I was then ordered to clean up quickly and return.


'The Hard Way' concludes next Friday with Part 5 of 5.


  1. *laughing*

    And now I have a whole new visual of the concept, "boner."

    1. Those are the only kind around here.

      I'm glad you liked this installment. Just one more to go.

  2. OMG this had me giggling... that must've been a painful experience. Not the idea of the pain making me giggle, but just enjoying your writing :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks. I will admit I had to be very careful about the insertion and was. I sanded any rough flashing on the plastic and went very slowly and had no incidents at all. And while the ectoplasm was photoshopped, the insertion was genuine.

      And I voluntarily tried to make the adventures somewhat genuine where possible, just as a kind of personal challenge, so I actually added some CapzasinHP cream to the lube so that the intense burning was genuine as well. I realized that I didn’t have to and that I could just describe the ectoplasm as burning, but that just seemed like a cheat.

  3. And now I have the Ghostbusters theme playing in my mind. Thanks for the headworm


    1. Funny you should say that. I tried to come up with some way to link the ectoplasm to “Slimer”, but everything I thought of sounded forced so I just let the color trigger the comparison. It’s gratifying to know you caught it!

  4. And after reading all the comments and replies I don't have to ask the questions I wanted to ask.
    Re the actual insertion of the femur, the actual burning sensation or no? and was it plastic...

    Very imaginative installment I must say.

    And yes, talk about never thinking about a "boner" the same way again!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad your curiosity was satisfied as well. At the end of all this, perhaps in the first days of November, I might do a post on how this feature was made. Although, I suppose I've been explaining a lot already.