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Monday, November 29, 2021

Political Blinders (the movie)

After writing my post on “ergonomic atheism” where I concluded that I may just need to content myself with a bucket of “End Times Popcorn” as I sit in a ringside seat to the circus sure to unfold, it occurred to me that proposals like a national religion were just one of so many topics deserving of such Nero-esque regard. As such I may just have to make End Times Theater a semi-regular feature at Collected Submissions, with regular showings of the unsolvable lunacies that will no doubt lead to the collapse of the US and possibly the extinction of our species. 

So without further ado, here is today’s feature:  Political Blinders  (matinee shows available) Brought to you by End Tymes Popcorn. The perfect snack to dispel those apocalyptic munchies. 

Seven deadly sinful flavors! Beezlebub’s Butter and Dead Sea Salt,  Seventh Seal Sriracha, Doomsday Dill, Charnel Cheddar, Cataclysmic Caramel, Holocaust Honey Mustard, and our newest…...Rapturous Red Velvet

And now our feature presentation.......................

Prologue: Voiceover: “Polls are already showing the disappointment of Americans with Biden and the seeming inability of Democrats to get anything done....and the likelihood of key swing states trending towards Trump for 2024” Cut to Ms. Nebbish in a Pollyanna-style frock “Oh, what ever shall I do?”

Act 1: Duh.  Scene: We see Mr. Nebbish at work frustrated that despite wanting to be productive, between being hamstrung by upper management and overburdened with too much work and incompetent people, he can't. I find it hysterical (in a popcorn-eating amusement in the face of doom sort of way) that the same people who complain that they can’t accomplish anything significant at work because they don’t have the people to enable them to do so, will plop their rotund posteriors in front of some diatribe-railing pundit, and rage over this same issue occurring in Congress.  Add to this that at work that person may not have been responsible for the impossible situation they find themselves in daily, but ARE directly responsible for voting in a way that has eliminated any chance of Democrats even trying to see if their agenda is the right solution. Now I’m not saying that what they propose will work or it won’t but how do you criticize that which hasn’t even been tried?

Act 2: Why aren’t hard things easier? The same nebbish in Act 1 also is red-in-the-face over the fact that voting one president out and another one in hasn’t changed everything immediately. Mr & Ms Nebbish are mad that their toddler understanding of government isn’t how things are. It’s like the scene in Duck Soup where Harpo angrily tears up a message without conveying its contents and Chico explains “He gets mad because he can’t read.” People voted out a working majority and are now blaming the remaining folks for not having enough votes to sail things along the political pipeline. “Hey! I put a lot of money on your horse and just because I also slammed a 2X4 into its fetlocks before the race is NO reason why you should have let me down!”

Act 3: The scene you never see…...except with Mr. Nebbish and politics. Set: a burning building with beams falling around a screaming victim trapped inside. Cue the hero firefighter to burst in and rescue the hapless Nebbish and once outside and safe, (camera zooms in on the fireman’s helmet) The nebbish sees a sticker on it that indicates he is a fan of the cross-town rival football team.  Disgusted by this seeming betrayal, the nebbish says “how could you let me down like this?! You're not from MY tribe! How dare you save me? I’m going back inside!”

If the four years of Trump taught us anything it’s that even if you want a change, HE is NOT the answer. He is not the untested commodity he was when he appealed to some in 2016. We have all seen everything we need to know with two separate impeachments and culminating in an attempted overthrow of the government itself. Not mild stuff. And yet? Biden can’t get things done quickly enough, so…...we must go back to Trump? Trump? Not Liz Cheney, or Romney, or whoever, but the guy who incited a hostile coup? HE’s the answer.

Act 4: The Invisible Man. So, Democrats are a disappointment. Well, for me they have been for decades, but the conversion of Republicans to Trumplicans has pretty much defined their stance pretty dramatically for me. And there stand Mr & Ms Nebbish. Wary of the Trumplicans, disgusted with the Democrats, and utterly blind to anyone else from a third party who might offer a fresh solution. Can’t vote for one of THEM! It’s a wasted vote. Instead let’s see-saw between the two entrenched parties each time things don’t improve in the hope that one time one party WILL actually do something to benefit us or to represent us. In fact, despite never really being happy with what goes on, let’s not even take a chance on trying something new. 

Act 5 Finale. Don’t screw with Mother Nature. (cue stock footage of hurricanes and earthquakes) You know when zero inflation doesn’t matter? When you’re standing on the last piece of scorched dry land in the midst of a vast sea and there’s nothing left to buy. The fucking planet is in trouble and I doubt even the Democratic proposals are going to be enough to do anything in the long run. But a return to Trumpism??????? THAT’S going to solve it? Mr. “It’s-all-a-hoax” Trump? That’s going to be America’s choice in 2024? Along with giving him a majority to work with in 2022? AFTER we’ve seen what they already tried to do?  Oh my, this is certainly not a feel-good flick with a happy ending. Fade to black. Roll credits. I need a scotch to wash down my popcorn. 




  1. I am just leaving a comment to say hi. I must admit, politics is not my thing - other country politics, even less so. But I did want to leave a Fondles-was-here note :)

    1. Thanks for checking in, dear. See you at the next non-political post!

  2. The current crop of politicians over the globe are so disappointing , corrupt , incompetent and arrogant.
    Biden , Trudeau , Boris Johnson , Macron , etc , all of them incompetent but will lie , cheat and do anything to cling to power.
    We deserve the politicians and leaders we vote for without thinking.
    If you think it's bad here , spare a thought for the people of Australia !
    What a mess they have!
    It is no wonder people are taking to the streets.

    1. It's because of your third line that I can't accommodate your fourth and as far as your last line......."it is no wonder people are taking to the streets" I can't help but observe that people love to take to the streets because it's dramatic and easy. But it is unnecessary if they were just less lazy and stupid about their politics, news consumption, and voting. None of the people you mentioned came into power by forcibly invading a foreign country and taking over by brute force. Every single one was elected.

      It's why I wrote this piece. I'm so sick of the same fuckheads who were disgusted enough to vote out Trump but stupid enough to also vote out a working Congressional majority to now criticize what they themselves created. Essentially I would take your very first line and alter it to: "The current crop of lazy, ignorant people over the globe are so disappointing, corrupt, incompetent, and arrogant."

    2. Most people were misled when they voted for these characters , so don't blame them....and do us all a favour and get over Trump the mess you are in right now is all on Biden.

    3. Well, when people are that easily misled, I have little sympathy for them. What do they want? Honest, altruistic politicians? Are they children? If they want change, vote it in.

      I don't intend on doing any such favor since favoring those who support him still would be among the least of my intentions. Not that my railing will do any good. It's like trying to discuss anything rationally with any type of brainwashed person, whether it's a cult of politics, religion, or celebrity. I believe Psychology Today did a piece in 2017 that described it accurately.

      And I'm not sure what you mean by 'mess'? or particularly how it is any 'messier' than before? Even a half-hearted attempt to address climate issues is better than denying it even exists and putting pro-oil people in charge of it.

      Like I said, arguing over inflation or Afghanistan, or anything like that is like arguing over which paint to use in the kitchen of a burning house.

    4. I see that your request for clarification didn't get a reply. I wonder if it is because there IS no answer. I, for one, would love to find out how exactly Biden is doing worse tha the previous guy.

    5. JD: Glen is usually pretty good at following up. It’s quite possible he moved on to the newer posts and forgot about this one. I try to not read too much into a non-reply. But I fully understand your curiosity about the details supporting the allegation.

  3. I look south of the border and shake my head. Trump 2.0 is a sure thing (unless he ODs on your popcorn and Big Macs) because the idiots will vote him in, or if he loses, his minions will override the votes and make him Emperor for life.


    1. I see precisely the same things happening. He WILL get in, and he will never leave..............not with a Congressional majority to back him...and a herd of devotees who would lick his ass after every shit.

      And HIM they'll give a majority to. Mr. Insurrection.

      Pass the popcorn.

  4. I will just have to quote Will Rogers; "A fool and his money will be elected". Sums up our political system. Jack

    1. Only because fools vote them in. Our system provides for many options for an educated public to utilize...even write-in candidates. But for anything other than the two-party circle-jerk to work, it would require determination and solidarity. Neither are traits rampant among our sheeple. (and I love how conservatives use "sheeple" to describe their vaccinated rivals when they are equally wooly.)

  5. Oh boy. Well, you knew I'd chime in on this one, didn't you? (sigh)

    I can't really add anything to this. It's brilliant. And so true.

    Even if Trump croaks before 2024 (please please please), there will be someone just as bad in his place. Trump started the ball rolling on the destruction of this country as we know it and it's seemingly unstoppable. I believe in Joe Biden, but I also believe he has been stymied and hamstrung at every turn and will continue to be, and it's amazing that he's been able to get anything done. And of course, because he didn't fix everything in his first two weeks (you know, all the stuff Trump fucked up), now he's to blame.

    It's enough to make a person really cynical and cranky. Oh, wait. I was like that anyway.

    I think I can encapsulate this incredible post in two words: WE'RE FUCKED.

    1. Yeah, I had a feeling you might be enticed to comment on this one. LOL Oh and thanks for the compliment on the post.

      I can't say I believe in Joe Biden because frankly I don't believe in anyone from the duopoly, but I did vote for him this time due entirely to who his opponent was.

      I would love nothing better than for some natural cause to erase Trump from the landscape because I don't believe anyone can replace him. That would only be possible if Trumpism was based on a platform of position and ideals, but it isn't. It's whatever Trump wants at any given moment and his followers don't follow because of what he says but because of who he is and what he represents. (I'm really going to have to track down the article I mentioned to Glen and do a post about it. It explains Trumpism not from a political perspective, but a psychological one. And it's eerily accurate.)

      As for being fucked? Well, that's nothing new. It's just with Covid and environmental issues hitting at once, the stakes have been raised significantly.

  6. Its official, a bunch of Trumplicans here too, they even get a candidate... I'll take one beer with your popcorn, and yes, even sugar!
    "The sleep of reason produces monsters."

    1. Or a lot of bats and owls. LOL

      The rush of humanity towards despotism is bewildering. It seems in history people spend 3/4s of their time fighting against tyranny, and 1/4 willingly and eagerly restoring it to power.

  7. Pre-alert, this is going to be long and I'll understand if you pull it. :)

    I grew up, as I believe many people did, with a view of the US that was largely based on what we saw on television. I watched westerns with awe and admiration of the men who rode on horses and survived the harsh conditions they faced. I watched as the vaunted US military joined wars and helped to end them. I watched and believed.

    No country or political system is 100% free from corruption or able to escape the clutches of the power hungry so I have always fallen back on the old adage that ”you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”

    Sadly, the election of Barak Obama showed me a very ugly side of American politics and even though he got elected for a second term, I have to say the election thereafter of Trump broke me. I no longer saw the US as the bastion of Democracy. I realized, after the 3 elections that the US was flawed and so I went on my search. What I found scarred me.

    Religious conservatism: Unlike the Islamic fundamentalism that everyone seems to be so afraid of, Christian fundamentalism seems to have been taken up with a fervour. The same fanaticism that the muslims are criticised for is held up as a mark of pride by evangelicals.

    American exceptionalism: The belief that US, above everyone else, is great is in itself NOT the problem. The problem lies with the belief that nobody else comes close and any attempt to show up the flaws in this belief is unpatriotic. (Sounds like N Korea, except that the trumpets don’t necessarily bring flowers to the majestic statues of Trump, yet)

    The right-wing: What can I say? During the first few months of the Drumpf campaign I began to see similarities the rhetoric and behaviour of the Nazis in the 30’s. The bluster and lies, the obnoxious and dangerous behaviours of the trump camp and their supporters had me post a list similarities on my facebook.

    The burning of books: The censorship that has come about because of “Critical Race Theory” harkens back to the burning of books by the Nazi party in 1933 to “prevent the spread of all things un-German”. The banning of certain books but not others is nothing if not a similar attempt to enforce “the right” way of thinking.

    I could go on but this is your post and I should shut up before I say too much, if I haven’t already.

    Apologies for the verbal shitstorm.

    I’m glad you didn’t stop your blog!

    1. Apologies?! JD, this is precisely why I keep Collected Submissions people CAN come here and post like this. (I will say that I completely agree with you, but even if you had posted an opposing view, it too would be welcome, I would probably argue with it, but I wouldn't delete it. No comment-burning here!)

      I do see why you might like my blog since your little bullets cover the same things I've talked about here over the years....and will continue to discuss.

      Thank you for your thoughts and participation! Next time you can even go on longer if you want!

  8. Replies
    1. Would you care to elaborate? I am having difficulty seeing the relevance here, but am willing to see where you are going with that comment. I recently turned 62 if it makes you feel better.