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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lumberjack orgasms

I have talked about orgasms and the "lumberjack" effect they can have on me before. Several times, actually. This past weekend provided another fine example of the phenomenon at work. As stated previously, Rosa and I have ramped up our chastity policy with me no longer having the ability to ask for an O in odd-numbered months. November is one of these. So, I have not had an O since October and was feeling it, but doing okay. I certainly didn't expect that with just about another week left in November that I'd be getting an orgasm.

On Sunday I asked Rosa for a series of teases to compensate for a bunch of teases I missed out on Friday, due to some privacy issues. She agreed and asked if I wanted an O as well. I reminded her that under our new policy, I wasn't in a position in November to solicit or refuse an O, and that this decision would be 100% hers, either way. 

She decided to give me one, and after a series of teases, finally allowed me that final explosion. Afterwards I thanked her and then found out the real reason behind her unexpected treat: she had a project she wanted my help with that would require some energy and eagerness to really accomplish. She knew an O would imbue me with just such "lumberjack"-drive to DO something. And.....she was right.

This is not quite how WE do it, but it gets the point across. Our method kind of reeks of our D/s approach. Rosa is usually clothed but barefoot, while I am naked. I sort of lay on my side with my head at her feet, with a paper towel under my hips to catch the ejaculate, as she very casually employs a large vibrating massager while I kiss the undersides of her feet and toes. I must tell her when I'm 'close' and if she says "OK"  while continuing, that's kind of her signal that she wants me to have an O. Otherwise my status report will prompt her to turn off the vibrator. But even when an O is permitted, there is that pre-spurt moment of impending inevitability where I still seek final permission and await her response. Only after her "yes", do I relax and let it happen. (It's a very intense process!)

I mention this because I think it reveals an aspect to the male orgasm that doesn't get a lot of attention. I know of one other couple from the past who openly talked about this, but very few others. Orgasms are so linked to the sexual that the connection is not only obvious but mistakenly exclusive. 

One of the great things about being kinky is that the typically nonsexual aspects of existence can be infused with sexuality. (I don't have time now to research this, but I think it was Havelock Ellis who marveled at the human capacity to turn the mundane into the desired fetish.) But I have found that the opposite is also true. Something as direct as the relationship between sex and orgasm can still be turned by the human mind into something else: in this case motivational fuel for a task.

"Now that you gave me that O.....where's the tree?"


  1. For me it's more that when horny I don't focus well. After orgasm much better. Not sure that my wife has fully made the connection... at least, we've never discussed it.

    1. I'm sure most men experience this, it's just that hardly anyone discusses it. You two should have the conversation. It might give her 'ideas'. LOL

  2. Sex and orgasms are kind of fun. But they have no great effect on me. I find it hard ('Scuse the pun) to see the big deal


    1. I believe this is not uncommon among us kinky folk.

  3. I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok
    I sleep all night and work all day
    I cut down trees, I wear high heels
    Suspenders and a bra
    I wish I'd been a girlie , just like me old Papa.....

    Sorry KD but it's the first thing that comes to mind when you mention lumberjack.
    I'm sure those guys chopped down a lot more trees after an O!

    1. I was actually going to link a YouTube video of that but I think I already did that once before. Anyway, I was tempted. Now I'm sorry I didn't do it.

    2. Sorry, I don't want to act like a cuckoo in your nest but add that your post had given way to a very good conversation with my Daisy Loveduck and to give voice about this "Lumberjack Theory"and the real effect of "O" (or even just good edging) as a match and a "fuel" for any real task of any sort, including pleasant and creative, withing or without social interaction. A good spanking before the task (hem ...playing music ?) produces the same effects on me than edging, as I feel more relaxed and up to climb mountains with my friends, or by myself. Diogene said "I'm searching for a man". From here I'm searching for a hand !
      I'll ask Daisy her point of view about "Lumberjack Effect" from a feminine point of view, I mean feminine "O". The kind of talk that fits a good morning spanking ...
      You bet I got the deal !

    3. Courandair: Let us know about that conversation! If you wish you can email it to me through my profile info and I can edit it and perhaps feature it in a post of its own!

    4. Thanks for the offer Kd. Actually, this precious daily morning conversation was very short in duration, because talk about her pre-cancer sex life and the hormonal treatment mixed with strong memories of sex abuse as a child means too much suferring on her part. I couln't ask her about the possible consequences of feminine "O". But Something unexpected happened while she already was spanking me, kind of "Secondary Lumberjack Effect", as she took back an old discussion we had about me quiting smoking, spanking harder and much longer than usually, with something I could not describe as anger or venom, but with very clear voice and chosen words. Not really scolding, just with real accents of reason. And she's the most sensible person I've ever met in my life as a personnal conselor. She spanked me so good it (almost) matched an "O" for my creativity, as she cooked delicious, yet unexpected, almond biscuits...
      Many things in this "Lumberjack Theory" ! Endless conversations fields opening ... Maybe.
      Anyway, I owe you, your post was the match I (she?) needeed to start and share "cette parenth├Ęse d'amour". Remember about "influence" ? So precious ...

    5. I’m glad you had a cathartic discussion. It sounds like she has been through a lot.
      Whatever you wish to share and how you prefer to share it is all up to you.

      Your session reminded me of the Covid punishment Rosa gave me about a year ago.

  4. One false enthusiastic movement, in a hurry ... I delated my own comment! Two hours of real fire in my mind about "The lumberjack Theory".
    At least it helped me to clarify my own thinking about the power of "O" involved in creative process, alone or in impending social scene , or just because some things have (need ,) to be done !
    Just saying I see the big deal. Strongly ! "I'll be back !"
    Thank you !

    1. I hate when that happens. I'm eager to see your thoughts on this!

  5. I don’t especially find energy after an O, but rather the opposite actually. I get all comfortable, relaxed, and restful thinking. My mind tends to slow down, I lose focus on anything other than the blissful moment I am feeling. But when I recover from. “That” moment, I am more attentive, loving, and plyable to do as my Sir wishes.

    Interesting how it’s radically opposite for me than it is for you, Maybe it’s my female hormones vs the male hormones at work… I dunno.

    1. Hi, Marie, and welcome! I was hoping you'd drop by and chime in on something that caught your attention. I suppose given our mutual interest in chastity and denial that THIS would be the one! LOL

      Anyway, when I wrote this post I did not exclude women out of male bias, but because it is definitely my experience that your post-o feelings are indeed far more typical of women. My Rosa is the same exact way, even though she's a dominant-type.

      I can't say I have any proof, but over the years the sheer mountain of anecdotal support for this difference does seem to suggest some gender-related biological component.

      (Please make yourself at home here, and consider joining our very varied family of participants. I think your approach to denial is exceptional for a female and your unique voice on the matter....since I do write about that often enough.....would provide true diversity to the shared opinions.)