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Friday, November 12, 2021

Mushroom diversity

Around Columbus Day Rosa and I went camping for a few days and were amazed to find a veritable outbreak of fruiting mushrooms of many varieties almost everywhere we went. Between us, we must have taken over 75 shots which I have since logged on a zip drive and have started to identify. With so many varieties and so many features to consider, while some species are quite unique, many can be tough to precisely identify just on a photo alone. A few shots we took were interesting enough to make for a good photo as opposed to mere visual record. Here's one favorite:

But readers here probably know that "mushrooms" for us, is also a pet name for toes. Another thing I am quite fond of.

One of my favorite shots of Rosa's "mushrooms".

It occurred to me that "mushroom(s)"  is a word that manifests itself in quite a few ways for me....and for others. So today, I am going to take you all on a virtual hike around quite a diverse collection of mushroom expressions all sprouting as plentifully as the actual ones were for Rosa and me. And I'll try to keep it mostly kinky. LOL

What is it about mushrooms and video  games?  One of my old favorites was Pikmin and in it there were not only mushrooms but creatures who looked like them.

And what about Toad from Mario Bros. games?

And why is it in the world of Rule 34, even Princess Peach gets her own mushroom connection?

both from the front......

......and back!

Pervy mushroom drawings abound. Here's one that doesn't hold back:

And here's one where mushrooms make an ideal insertible......

.........and why not? We all know what mushrooms remind us of.

This certainly happened to me several years ago when I was between relationships and playing with an online friend. In the course of some photo exchanges and in even meeting once in person, it became obvious that my humble endowments had a way of becoming even more exaggerated when in the throes of submission. It's a topic I've dealt with here many times, and one that made it into a short story of mine that was loosely based on some real events strung together with fictional cohesion. LINK for "The Mushroom Effect".

This person nicknamed me "'shroom" and it stuck for a while. This mixed still life explains why. 

And let's not forget that one can actually eat mushrooms.....well not all, but several. Others will kill you and there's even a type of mushroom that you can long as you don't drink alcohol! As a kid I hated mushrooms but now I can't find a single variety I don't enjoy. My favorite is portobello......baked with balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of seasoned bread crumbs.


And what about mushrooms with toasted buns?

Easy enough to cook, but BOY......sitting down to enjoy it? That's a very different story! 

Here's another take on spanking and mushrooms:

I have no idea what's going on here, but I kind of like it.

So what ways do you enjoy "mushrooms"?


  1. Wow! I have a whole new view of mushrooms now!
    Love that pic of the paddle resting on Rosa's feet as she looks at your blistered butt..kind of sums it all up even if there are no mushrooms!

    1. Thanks. Mushrooms are actually pretty and pretty interesting.

      As for the pic? Thanks again....but there ARE "mushrooms" in it. 10 to be precise. ;-)

  2. I love mushrooms! except shitake and maybe abalone shrooms. Portabellos get my vote too! and button. and enoki. lol. I should stop.

    this post tho, has given me a new perspective!

    1. They are tasty treats to be sure.

      And since I've never had the opportunity to try them, I didn't even get into peyote buttons.

  3. Sorry for this use of your writing in this (too) short comment about this particular letter, as I think the word "letter" suits better this piece of your (even if public) "journal intime". I'm too tired now to write what I would like to share about this "Mushroom Effect". So ...
    It' on ! You wrote, years ago :

    "Instead of that raging anaconda screaming out desire for all to see, the mushroom meekly retreats, giving as its only clue to my actual arousal, a telltale trail of clear if a garden snail had recently visited the pink toadstool. The mushroom might not be so ridiculous if not for that blasted snail-slime. A sub might be cold. Perhaps justifiably fearful. But even if it is regarded more accurately as the button of defeated docility, the snail-slime mocks: 'all true.......but he likes it'.
    From my early years reading poetry ...

    Federico Garcia Lorca named your "snail-slime" as the "sweet saliva of stars".

    Let's enjoy a good night, with sweet (and maybe wet) dreams !

    1. "sweet saliva of stars" Hmmmmmmmm. I am struggling with that poetic description since the 'star' part is throwing me off. I think I'd prefer something grittier and way less celestial to describe what is essentially 'sex ooze'. LOL What's next? poop = truffle fudge of digestion? LOL ;-)

    2. What's next ? I'm not sure ... Lorca died from a bullet in his own 36 pointed star. Not sure we should dig it, even for truffle fudge ...LOL!

  4. Aniway, reading again "The mushroom effects" some years after surprised me, I think I was more focused on other stories speaking louder to me at this particular time of my life ("His & Hers", "Simplicity, "the confession"of course, and yes, "Pride", with a higher emotion about "The woman of the Well" , perhaps your masterpiece with the more recent "C5").
    Last night, just before "game over", I realized that "The Hard Way" -Yes, this amazing Halloween show of yours- is a new version of "The Mushrooms effects" with the same "manifesto" at the end, except one thing, as now, you speak, not just the mushroom. Artist consistency...
    So...If you were the narrator, I suppose the delicious Ms.Trudy was ... Oupps! I' sorry .

    1. I never consciously linked the two, but you are right! The Mushroom Effect and The Hard Way are essentially the same story. Well lordy, I should be spanked for redundancy.

      I have to say your list of favorites is very interesting, but I guess it's your opinion of The Woman of the Well that really made me feel good. I love that piece.

      But, you know.....your enthusiastic support of my writing leads me to a question. Given how strongly you feel about my work, why do suppose my stuff remains so damned unpopular? I've been around for a while, especially at the LSF, and I have the tiniest of fan bases. Those who like my stuff, seem to really appreciate it and like you, their comments often hone in on precisely what I'm trying to bring to the table, but any contest, or even solicitation of story recommendation never recognizes what I have written.

      I'd love to hear your...or anyone's ......theories as to why that might be. Thanks.

  5. If redundancy is an evidence of "NEED!", I hope you will be spanked forever !
    It's too late (3:15 am here, very long evening session with a big band as a drummer, so good and intense), I'm (again) over "game over".
    I promise you to really take the time to answer back. It won't be a short one, I'm afraid !
    And still ... I already know for sure that my morning spanking (in a few hours) will be (hem...) to the point . ;-)

    1. I'm looking forward to I am sure you are to the morning.

    2. How to explain K.D.Pierre‘s stories relative (in) success in the statistics…

      (No)Bound for glory : act one !

      You already know very well the first. People looking for spanking stories are mainly and strongly driven by this almighty finger living somewhere between their toes! Most of them, so I believe, searching an exciting and long description of the thing that turns them in any smut, with long ,descriptive, very detailed very redundant and graphic spanking scenes. The spot is appealing to them, because we suppose they choose reading stories about their big fetish instead of sleepwalking along with poor videos … If not really interested in literature, keywords are enough for wankers in a hurry, it’s enough to feed and satisfy their need at the moment, in this world of dilly speeding madness , they ‘re just customers, with low credibility standards, I would say “generics”, they don’t savour the long time to meet and fall for well written characters in context with ambitious and real good work, I mean “real” good writing about depth and ambiguity in human psychology … and social human possible fields of interactions (emotions, love and hate, all human feelings shared in the act of spanking involved in the act to give or take, to witness or share…
      They accept very low standards in low plots as effective and sufficient for their goal …I would say “the goo “in this story you don’t like very much “A new old mom”. Only time you used this word, (or only occurrence I found in your work) in a story you describe as impersonal … I would say these have sadly very low standards in their hunting for (let’s say) “beauty”, accuracy, emotion … very normal human feelings related to taste in literature. I suppose they don’t see these stories they search and “enjoy” to read as “true” literature …
      (to be continued…soon.)

    3. Thank you for answering my question so saliently. However, while your remarks drip with "gooey" truth, recognizing that this IS probably the "why" of it all is simultaneously depressing. It's like searching for an answer, and upon finding it, not being happy with the truth uncovered.

      It's probably why, as I told Crimson Kid, I don't see myself writing kinky short stories in the near future or perhaps ever. But that's OK. I am content with the body of work I have already produced.

      I do wish I could muster enthusiasm to finish this one piece I have all set up and figured out, about a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter, which follows a dark path through Kristallnacht and the Nazi Holocaust.

  6. My grandmother was deported in Ravensbrûck, great French resistant.
    You bet I would be interested.
    Go on ! Sure you can do it.

    But you'll still get Act 2 ! (and I mean: soooooon !)

    1. Sorry to hear about that tragic bit of family history. My family was lucky....they got out before it all collapsed.....but their friends, some of whom I met as a kid with their tattooed forearms or artificial limbs, weren't so lucky, except in that they at least survived.

      Looking forward to Act 2. Enjoy your Wooden Spoon Award BTW!