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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Making of.....

 ......."The Hard Way". As promised, here is a bit of a behind the scenes look at what went into making the little Halloween feature.......and what didn't. Before I get started I would like to thank those who commented along the way. I must confess that when you put yourself out there like this, it is a little exhibitionist, but a little intimidating as well, and if only silence resulted, some of the situations would have just embarrassed me by having posted them. Once someone enjoys them, or has a giggle over them, it feels more "okay" to have done it. 

My primary goal in doing this story was to entertain, but my secondary goal was to sort of challenge myself to experience at least a good part of what my character went through in the story......with a few exceptions. Here's how that went:

Much of the story had me switching between a full skeleton and a separate skull, hands, and even some legs with no body attached. This skull is very realistic and so I used it whenever I needed a close-up. It also allowed me to use it as more of a puppet than a mannequin. That's how I was able to give the jaw enough strength to bite and pull. My hand is holding this just off-camera and forcing the jaw shut.

And speaking of does one get a weak, plastic hand to grip this hard and tug? I used monofilament tied to me and secured to a drawer handle to get the stretch effect and just had the hand hide it. If you zoom in you can see something behaving like an invisible noose around my penis head.

What amazing timing to capture that mid-air wax droplet, right? Nope. It's Photoshopped........... as is some of the wax on me. But that firm grip with the pincers was as forceful as it looks......since while the skeleton hand was posed on the handle, I was actually holding it off camera.

And while Photoshop was used to a small degree, this is not to say that I was not stung by real wax. I was!........ as evidenced by those drips on the pan. In fact MOST of the wax was the I just used some air-brush fill-in  to make the finished coating look more impressive and even.

OK, that ectoplasm glow and color are both clearly fake, BUT as I mentioned in a reply to a comment, I was actually impaled by that irregularly-shaped bone AND I did add some burning ointment to the lube to produce the sensation I described in the story, thereby making that torture something I actually had to endure......and hurt. In fact, for the shoot itself, the ointment in the lube was probably the most painful thing I endured. (While the monkey's ball-smashing "looks" painful, it was nothing but some painless pressure.)

This was the trickiest shot in the entire story. In order to get this I wired the skeleton into the pose I wanted and then suspended it from a tripod like a marionette. I would then hit the shutter, which gave me 10 seconds to crawl under the hanging skeleton and position it over me before time ran out. This took a few tries, and this shot was the best.

And the spanking itself? A good bit of the color in these shots was the leftover soreness from the actual spanking I got from Nickki on the Rummikub night.

This is an unenhanced shot I took of my butt the morning after Nickki's spanking and I just used it for the 'morning after' part of my story. Despite the sinister tortures my character seems subjected to, in all honesty, the most painful experience that eventually went into making the story was without doubt the penalty spanking I got from my buddy, Nickki. (She really and truly roasted my butt that night!) So I figured: 'why not use that?'

So this shot was then taken that same morning with that same, still pink hinder. Only here I enhanced it with added color and some airbrushing in of those fingertip welts to match the story.

Hmmmm, is that me leaking, or KY and Photoshop? (The latter. I simply don't drool anywhere near that much.)

This was clearly 100% Photoshopped. 

Unfortunately, I did not keep any "outtakes". There were plenty. Working alone was quite challenging and required the little tricks described. I can't say there were any really funny mishaps though. If there were any, believe me, I'd tell you.

I have already given some serious thought to a sequel involving some unpleasantness not explored in this account. Next year, with a little luck, I will post another......much shorter, but more intense Halloween tale with "Rowena". Hopefully this answers any questions about this year, but if anyone is curious about any technical aspect I left out, feel free to ask.


  1. Next year, The Hard Way 2 or perhaps The Harder Way. Movie sequel titles, it is hard not to make them cheezy


  2. Well, the Die Hard sequel was called "Die Harder" I think. Perhaps The Hard Way 2 will be "Way Harder." :P

    I can appreciate how much time it must have taken to create all your photos -- not only to capture the shots but editing, especially -- so *hand clap* �� for that! It was definitely entertaining to see/read the result of all that work.

    1. I will contemplate how to approach a sequel freshly. (I'm sure it won't be easy. LOL)

      Thank you for recognizing what went into this. While I enjoyed it, you are correct in your assessment of the work involved. And given the trope-pitfalls, avoiding TOO much predictability was also challenging. And I will say that next year's will not be just a rehash of this one.