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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The New LOL-Day

I knew it was coming always, I was dreading the uncomfortable inner struggle that would once again rage inside of me. Picture a lycanthrope reading that the full moon will fall on November 19th............which, get this, IT WILL. 

I knew that part of me would want to be supportive of my fellow blogger-friends, but I also knew that date would inevitably bring on the madnessBut like an angel of mercy, Hermione came rushing to my Remus Lupin (who would certainly be my Harry Potter persona without doubt) with some fresh mariphasa, no doubt growing in Prof. Sprout's nursery. Without it, I would potentially descend into a rage over the upsetting ranks of blog visitors who never interact and rant at their callousness.

But Hermione's mariphasa is just a metaphor. She really flushed away all that angst with a simple shift in emphasis: switch the second 'L' in "LOL" from 'lurker' to 'lifestyle' and, like turning the full moon into a deflating balloon, my inner tempest waned.

So, I will encourage those out there who love our lifestyle to keep on loving and sharing it. Visit, comment, participate, enjoy.

But given the history of my blog with the old lurker theme, for Collected Submissions, LOL Day would not be the same without the Wooden Spoon Awards, and they will still go on as always. (to newcomers, the Wooden Spoon is awarded to EVERY person who left at least ONE comment through the period between last November and this November. Naturally those who comment more frequently are recognized more warmly than one-offs, but even a one-off is better than none, and dead silence is what the Spooners try to discourage.)

The coveted "Spooner" in all of its glory.
(No need to rent a tux or buy a gown.)

Naturally the Spooners will be announced on November 19th as well. This year there will also be two other features, but those are surprises. 


Looking back this has been a strange and eventful year for 'Collected Submissions'. It began with me getting hospitalized for Covid and consequently adopting some new approaches to life and this blog. The year also saw old friendships pass, new ones begin, and even begin and end in a short, disappointing whirlwind.  We have gained some great new people, kept some great old regulars, and sadly seem to have witnessed several more go missing.

The rigors of the real world also seem to have taken a toll on certain regulars who just don't appear to have the time or heart to post like they used to. That's always sad and yet knowing the why does make it easier to accept than when someone goes absent and the reasons elude scrutiny. 

But one of my Covid-induced personal changes was a brutal honesty with myself over blogging. While interaction has always been my goal, that desired salon atmosphere continues to sputter rather than thrive and I've come to just accept it as the way of things. Rather than lament what could be, I now tend to appreciate what is......which, given the character and intelligence of our participants here, ain't bad. LOL 

That evaluation of my blogging motive also clarified my own enjoyment of just doing this. At the same time, I grew more comfortable with the notion of not posting when I didn't feel like it. In years past, I often forced myself to churn out posts even when I didn't feel motivated as some obligation. I no longer feel obligated and curiously, that elimination of having to actually resulted in an increase in me wanting to. 

So, even without Hermione's intervention, the anger that used to taint LOL Day for me in the past has fizzled a bit on its own. Add to that the change in emphasis, and well.......what's there to complain about? Let the countdown to November 19th begin.......full moon be damned! 


  1. I've saved the date and will see you on the other side :)


  2. Thanks for the the first part.
    Your "elephant" post, your "covid" one ... They did the trick, I mean, the seed was there for a long time ago, but until them, I was focused on your work as a very good writer of fictions and as an artist with real talent with pencils in domains that deeply touches me : I'm a spanko to the core, and the "philosophie"behind your work mathed my usual state of mind, rooted in so called childish queen and knight dreams and the amused maturity of wise and loving women .
    Did I say I love "your" women ?
    So I used to read your blog like a pleasant chronicle, some kind of "journal intime" very public, with occasional pictures of your (hem...) face. The comments where part of the "show". And then ...
    The events. The consequences. Our lives.
    You' right, it's not an "age thing", not just that.

    I felt ashamed. I could at least have posted a "thank you".
    I Love your "Salon".
    Come on girls and boys, it's a warm place, here !
    And NOW !

    1. Well any past reticence in commenting on your part is certainly being compensated for now.

      Thank you again for not just kind words, but very select and precise admissions of resonance. That is so much more gratifying than a mere "good job".

      I also appreciated how you chronicled your relationship with this blog. I found it to be like a timeline of catharsis woven into a feeling of connection and even a bit of a confession. I am glad you're here.

  3. Hi KD,

    I'm delighted that you have embraced the change so heartily. And I learned so many new words today!


    1. Well, I certainly like what you did, and from the comments on your blog, I don't seem to be the only one.

      Your last line caused me to cachinnate. ;-)

  4. if i don't get caught up in, you know, (m)other obligations, I'll be here! shall go check out Hermion's post to see what LoL day will look like this year proper.

    1. Very good and a visit to Hermione is always a good idea regardless of the day.