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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Top Ten(s)

Over at Mrs. Fever's fine place there is a bit of a celebration going on. Why not head over and join in?  While there I saw this thing from another nice place: Rebel's Notes and her Wicked Wednesday prompt.

One thing currently underway is a prompt to post about our blog's "Top Tens". Since I think it's difficult for the average new reader to know what to click onto even if they are willing to scroll back through an archive, the idea of posting some suggestions appealed to me. But.....again, me being me, I am not going to post what Blogger tells me are the Top Tens, but what I think are the best posts in certain categories, and since many are multi-part, I am also going to take liberties in whether I post 10, or more, or fewer, so as to offset the 'multis'. I think as the author of this stuff I am a better judge of what is worth reading than the accumulated cruising habits of click-bait thrill-seekers looking to jerk off. 

So, if you are new here, but like this strange little place, and are willing to travel back in time to some old posts I believe are worthy of a look, please consider, in each of these categories, the following recommendations: (they are NOT in ranked order, but a bit random as I found them)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Do you hear what I hear?

As a sort of follow-up to "Blame Game", I would like to give you all a scary insight into just how twisted my mind truly can be. Some folks can become angry at things they hear and take the wrong way, but I can become enraged by things that trigger a "hmmm, you're saying one thing, but I know you mean something else" suspicion.

In the last post I mentioned "Proud to be an American" written by Lee Greenwood, and sung by, well, just about every country singer out there I suppose. Here are the lyrics as written, and badly sung, in white (how appropriate) with the lyrics I HEAR whispered in the background interspersed in italicized orange....because these folks definitely like orange things:

"If tomorrow all the things were gone I worked for all my life ( like my pick-up and Nascar doubt lost to lazy illegal immigrants and radical Muslims and not because I missed payments because I spent the money on whiskey and beer.)

And I had to start again with just my children and my wife (actually my third wife, since the first two left me because I tend to like to hit things after a drink or two, but that's OK, because even though the bible says divorce is bad, I have no problem skipping over that part because even though I am a sinner after all...... I am a WHITE sinner and so my White god forgives me 'cuz they were nagging bitches anyway. Although he hates you Gay fuckers as much as I do.)

I'd thank my lucky stars to be livin' here today (because there are still a lot more of us white folks who can still strike back hard and even rely on having an entire political party behind us.)

'Cause the flag still stands for freedom ( as long as it looks like one of these:

And they can't take that away (even if they try to steal an election, we can grab our Dixie flags and Ar15s and be at the Capitol on a moment's notice to snatch it back.)

The image that a year ago actually made a grown man (me) cry.

And I'm proud to be an American (.....why not just say "White"?)

Where at least I know I'm free ( to not wear a mask or get vaccinated)

And I won't forget the men who died ( and fuck any of those women who died, because ...shit...everyone knows women don't belong in the Army. And hell, they were probably all dykes fuck 'em. Good riddance to those man-hating, god-defying, baby-eaters!)

Who gave that right to me ( so I can just hand them right back over to the first cult figure from Reality TV who I admire )

And I'd gladly stand up next to you ( again, as long as you're white and agree with me) and defend her still today (just like we all did on January 6th, 2021)

'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land ( just not all of the people on it, like them East & West Coast "Elites" and their derned edicayshun.)

God bless the USA ( and may he also strike down all of my enemies living there)

From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee

Across the plains of Texas (definitely the PLAINS of Texas, not those libtards in Austin, Dallas, or Houston.)

From sea to shining sea (These are the people I truly care about and that's why they are mentioned first. )

From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A. ( And THESE are the folks I had to include because this song is going to be heard by everyone and I can't leave them out and expect to not be slammed on Twitter, even though my buddies all know that I don't REALLY mean those Blue State traitors.)

Well, there's pride in every American heart ( and I don't mean that sick Gay Pride shit, or god forbid, Black Lives Matter kind of crap.....I mean good ol' white, Christian, gun-toting, bible-thumpin' pride.)

And it's time we stand and say: That I'm proud to be an American...."...yadda nauseam

So...............................said the kinky boy to his kinky gang, "do you hear what I hear?"


Monday, December 27, 2021

Blame game

So all I wanted to do was buy some fucking groceries.

As I pulled out a shopping cart, I saw that some bone-for-brain politico decided to post a “Media is the virus” sticker over the ad on the little top shelf/kid seat placard. My mind started to roll, as I entered the foyer of ShopRite masked in addition to being vaccinated and boosted, since omicron is on the rise. It has been the store's policy for the last few years to play annoying “patriotic” music in their foyer, and of course “Proud to Be an American” was playing………….. since they have like 6 versions in their mix and the odds of IT being what you walk in to and out with is mathematically probable. And as whoever the twangy, nasally, country singer was, whined out the irritatingly hypocritical lyrics, my mood took a nosedive. Not merely deteriorated, but crashed like a drunk driver on January 1st.

There are almost as many types of media as there are types of viruses, and some are clearly more detrimental than others. It's like CNN can make you vomit while having diarrhea, whereas FOX will rot your brain while making you feel invulnerable.

I realized that my hope for mankind may well be beyond resuscitation. 

All the things that people routinely complain about came to mind:

-Obviously due to the sticker, the “media” popped in first.

-Then politics. People complain about one side or the other, or complain that the two sides can’t work together on anything to get anything done.

-The state of our society....especially as it has been warped by social media.

-The state of race relations, gender relations, immigrant relations.

-The state of just about everything.

And all I could think of was what pathetic losers we are as a species. 

In my lifetime I’ve seen it all happen. And the only things new about it all were the details and the degree of efficiency with which things happened. Prior to industrialization power dominated human history. However, once monarchies lost their steam, and power became more connected to wealth than archaic blood lines, gain supplanted warfare as the way of the world. Not that wars don’t still happen, but they are quite different today. 

It would be hard to find any aspect of our world that is not intrinsically linked to being sold something that generates wealth for someone else. Even our politics is not really about ideology as much as it is about who is going to end up profiting more grandly. Ideology is just the branding tool, not anything truly serious. Either side would flip on any ideological position if it meant getting more votes…..and have, repeatedly. 

And what of the common complainer? The common person. The one convinced that everything sucks and is the fault of someone else. You know……us. Well……they say ‘you get what you pay for’, and it could not be more true. 

Does the media suck? Absolutely, but why? Well, because they are a business and they are giving you exactly what you told them you wanted. So if you hate what they are, hate yourself for making them that way. People speculate that Covid (an actual virus) was man made. This may be true or it may not, and I tend to doubt we will ever know….BUT if Covid is potentially man-made, the media is certainly a human construct. 

Politicians? Hmmmmm, when was the last time a US leader assembled an army, marched it into a region here in America and took it over by force? Other than perhaps Sherman going into Atlanta, I can’t recall. Even the January 6th coup failed to change the outcome of votes legitimately cast by people. Nope, whoever is in office got there with our support. Maybe not yours but enough of someone else’s.  So you don’t like how the two parties operate............ but you keep voting for them? Well again… got what you wanted……or at least what enough voted for.

I recently read an article on why Biden’s campaign promise of a ‘return to normal’ was doomed to fail because Biden was operating on the belief that past experience and past alliances would result in the potential for the two parties to work together reasonably, and that belief was clearly naive, and Biden only believed it because he was of a past generation that saw such things happen before. It did not account for what younger people suspect: that nothing now will ever change. The two sides are simply too entrenched. 

Currently there is a Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep being shown (on Netflix of course) and while it is a ‘comedy’ much in the same vein as “Dr. Strangelove”, one can’t help but be depressed by the accuracy of the twisted world it depicts. The aspect of everything centering on gain is a point driven home quite emphatically. I won’t spoil the conclusion except to say it isn’t a “Hallmark ending” and perhaps the big takeaway is that it may well be that there simply is no way out of the mess we’ve made for ourselves.

And with only a few days left in 2021, if anyone tries to tell me that 2022 is going to be better, I may try to have them committed. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

Hey all, this is a just a quick Christmas wish for you all. Last year at this time I came down with Covid and ended up in the hospital. This year I had knee surgery on the 21st and have been dealing with all sorts of post-op/pre-Christmas "stuff" and have not had the time or inclination to post. But I'm OK and will be busy for the next few days. But, in the meantime, Merry Christmas! (see you on the flipside.)

My actual laptop wallpaper background for this December.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Tree Posers 2021

Last year I offered you all the ability to vote for your favorite nude "tree poser" and it turned out to be one of the more popular contests at Collected Submissions, so I decided to run it again. Like last year, my criteria for inclusion were:

1: the person had to be fully uncovered in all the places of interest, even if that place was not on display. Hats or stockings were OK.

2: they had to be by a Christmas tree.

3: they had to look at least somewhat willing to be where they were. 

and 4: while I did not exclude some pro shots, I tried to select more real people (like us)  

I also tried not to use anyone I used before. (if anyone catches that I did, point it out and maybe you can get a special prize?)

The rules for voting are you can each pick TWO. Let's see who wins.

#1: Hanging ornaments while hanging ornaments.

#2: Christmas cookies

#3: The Christmas Bunny

#4: Who asked for a 'Flexible Flyer' from Santa?

#5: Curves are sexy too.

#6: Strike a pose!

#7: Watch those pine needles!

#8: Toe-topper

#9: All I want is a "White-girl Ass" for Christmas.

#10: Watch out for that tinsel! You don't know where it's been.
(but I guess we do now)

#11: Getting a leg up this Holiday Season

#12: Matching the tree

and for a nice baker's dozen, #13: Office Party flash from a work-from-home gal.

And for the ladies:

#14: Quite fit

#15: " KDP said 'for the ladies'.....but it's not."

Thursday, December 16, 2021

End Tymes Theatre 4

As the apocalypse approaches it seems that drivers are in the most hurry to race towards it. Now I don’t know if it’s just my age, or related to the general rudeness brought about by the stresses of Covid, but to me…..and several of my friends I’ve brought this up to, it seems like the level of bad driving has skyrocketed lately. Now, I live in NJ, and so my encounters are colored by the demographics of the NY Metro area. The assholes infesting your mileage may vary.

Does anyone else remember Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the creator of countless custom cars AND "Rat Fink"?

So now to our Feature Presentation: On The Road.... with Jack Careless-Ass  the story of the beat-to-shit generation (Rated R for promotion of violence and insensitive, though not inaccurate, racial stereotyping)....brought to you again by: 

 ( cue theme song: AC/DC’s  Highway to Hell )

Prologue: It used to be that you encountered an obnoxious asshole on the road once every trip or two, but now it’s like 3 or 4 assholes per trip!  Who are these fuckers and what exactly do they do to earn their position as shitbags on wheels?  Let’s explore each in a kind of Tarantino-esque  series of vignettes.

Ms. Blonde: (cut to scene of oblivious, young blonde, applying make-up while chatting on her phone and simultaneously gyrating to her music as she wreaks havoc with every click of her odometer. The only thing this young lady ISN’T doing is paying attention to the road.) It used to be that the stereotypical ‘bad driver’ was the “woman driver” with ‘young blondes’ being the most dangerous. It should assuage any cringing Feminists out there that this is no longer the case. Not that these twits aren’t still out there. Believe me, they are. But time has relegated them to the proverbial back seat as far worse offenders have cut in front of them.

Mr. White: The newest addition to the bad-driver roster is one who used to be one of the reliable good guys of the road and now, likely emboldened by their arrogant and obnoxious hero Trump, have turned into proud, boorish bullies. White guys in oversized pick-up trucks! They tailgate cars going well over the speed limit in the left lane with nowhere to go expecting them to pull over and make a red carpet path for them. They employ headlights that can be seen from space. And the worst? The thing I wish would result in gunshots to the backs of their heads from fed-up drivers? Zipping around the cars merging when a lane is ending in order to cut in front of everyone, especially when they are already in one of these lanes and dart out, swerve around everyone else, even venturing into shoulders to do it, just to cut back in ahead of everyone.....naturally assuming their time is more important than anyone else’s. If they did this in a line in a store or show, or game, they’d be challenged and perhaps even attacked. This needs to happen on the road. (hell they'd do it to you, especially if you were non-white!)

Mr. White out for a peaceful ride with his buddies.

Mr. (racing) Green: (cue stock footage of the Indy 500) Racing. Mostly two, but I’ve personally counted up to eight, cars literally racing each other on a major thoroughfare, even in the peak of traffic. Speeding….and I mean SPEEDING while darting in and out of lanes, cutting people off, not once, but as part of their little dangerous contest that they’ve callously and non-consensually included us all into. And I don’t know what special charm these jerks have, but I have never once seen them get caught! Mr. Green also gets credit for being the primary inspiration for my personal fantasy of having a hood-mounted .50 cal machine gun on my Tucson.

Mr. Brown: Sorry if this next characterization sounds insensitive or prejudicial, but I just railed against several “white” stereotypes, and if you put a gun to my head, I could not honestly say that this following stereotype isn’t completely accurate: Indian drivers are incomprehensibly dangerous. 

We have a few very densely-populated Indian sections throughout NJ. The two most notorious, are Green St./Oak Tree Rd. in Edison, and Sip Ave, in Jersey City. It would take too long to list everything I’ve seen and fled from in these places, but suffice it to say that I am not the only one who thinks driving these roads is akin to being an Ice Road trucker. I even know people who drive out of their way to avoid these streets, where accidents abound. 

I even had a very bad accident with my own family in my van years ago which was totally the fault of an Indian driver who decided to pull into a parking lot from the opposite side of the road.....across several lanes..... without waiting for the oncoming 35 mph traffic (me) to pass. I have often said that while I know many Indian people and find them wonderful people with an amazing cuisine, they are only wonderful when their feet are safely on the ground and not on an accelerator. 

I got so curious about this pervasive issue that I researched it and discovered there actually is a reason for it: it has to do with what driving in India is like and how the habits picked up there don’t translate well here. ( I have been to Lima, Peru twice and will probably go again. What I will not do is drive there, simply because they have their own way of driving that I can’t fathom. It doesn’t make them wrong, but it would make ME the dangerous jerk on the road if I tried to drive there in the style I learned here in America.) Perhaps just as I wouldn't take my American style of driving to Lima, maybe Mr. Brown should forego driving here Mumbai-style?

Mrs. Yellow:   

Enough said.

Mr. Blue&Gold & Mr. Blue&White: I used to tell a sarcastic twist on those logic puzzles one sometimes encounters in intellectual forums: Q: Two lanes of cars are merging. One lane of cars is filled with white vehicles and the other lane is filled with black vehicles, thereby resulting in alternating colors after the merge. However, in the midst of the nicely mixed single lane ahead you see two cars of the same color breaking the pattern. What is the color of the license plate of the second consecutively-colored car? A: it used to be blue and gold, but now the new color could be blue and white…..the joke being that they must be New York plates. New York Drivers either can’t comprehend the concept of the alternate merge, or simply don’t think it applies to them. 

The New York drivers in my area are simply the worst and most consistently-bad drivers out there, guilty of multiple acts of rude behavior. Even my stepson who drives a tow truck says New York drivers are the worst. If there is a person (under the age of 80) who will go under the speed limit in the left lane ( the classic “left-lane dick”) odds are they have NY plates. If someone will cut you off dangerously just to get one car ahead of you in heavy traffic that is barely moving to begin with, put your money on it being a NY Driver. 

Mr. Platinum: (scene: fancy car with plates not nearly as vain as the jerk driving) Privileged rich people in BMWs, Porches, midlife crisis convertibles, etc. seem to think their money and fancy cars render them immune to the ways of  common decency on the road. My stepson confirms this as well. Their actual offenses are varied, but the attitude is always the same: “I count. You don’t.”

Mr. & Ms. Rainbow: No, not Gay drivers. I mean “combinations of the above”. Take any character from the previous scenes and combine them and you get a real nightmare, eg:  a rich, White guy in an oversized pick-up, with NY plates, racing on the Garden State Parkway. 

Mr. Gray: (deleted scene) No, not the guy from 50 Shades! All of us have encountered that person who reached an age where they really should have retired their car keys, but for some reason, are still out there driving. Geriatric drivers can be both annoying and dangerous, BUT for some reason, I have less of a problem with them…….unless they are not just old, but assholes as well. I have frequently cursed at someone doing something stupid only to pull closer and see they were old enough to make ME look young, and my anger sort of fizzles away. I guess I feel sympathy for the situation, and as stated before, feel differently over a mistake due to competency affected by age than something intentional.

Epilogue: Tarantino Fans will have recognized my “Mr. Color” movie format as a parody of Reservoir Dogs (his best IMHO) and as you recall, no one gets away at the end of that little feel-good tale, and most don’t even live to see their names in the credits. My only wish is that the cast I just presented to you all met similar fates……….with the exception of Mr. Gray.

Roll credits.......pass the popcorn.

Please keep in mind the humorous intent behind this post. Logically while many of these characterizations have a certain degree of validity, NONE are absolute! Not EVERY driver from NY is a jerk. Not every Asian person is incapable of using a turn signal. Not every ANYTHING is always guilty of EVERYTHING. So if you fall into one of these categories and feel you are a good driver, don't be mad at me but rather rejoice in your exceptionalism! ;-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Consensual "non & pre" consent

“Consensual non-consent” or “While it’s all consensual, some of us like to pretend that spanking or being spanked is not”? The second needs a shorter phrase I think, so how about “illusion of non-consent”? Recently a phrasing similar to the second was used on Hermione's blog to ask a question about this issue. I loved not only how accurately that choice of words reflected the reality of consent issues, but that SOMEONE was brave enough to just say it out loud. 

So much has been written on this that it could fill multiple volumes, but in the end the explanations, rationalizations, and opinions are all rendered moot by the anecdotal situations accompanying them.....and of course, basic logic. Let me explain using an actual religious example that I encountered years ago, and often still do: Person A claims to be a Catholic and then says that they don’t believe in transubstantiation (something that a few hundred years ago would get you burned at the stake). When confronted with this inconsistency, Person A INSISTS that despite whatever I may say, THEY KNOW that they ARE Catholic.

"Hey, HEY!!!! Come on, guys.....I told you that even if I don't believe in transubstantiation, I STILL consider myself 100% Catholic!!!"

Let’s look at how this applies here for the consensual non-consent folks:

"My partner has full rights to do as they please today because I pre-consented to all of this a year ago……. "

But in the situations that follow it is more than clear that any objection this person may have in the moment is strictly a kind of cold feet in the face of having been caught doing something that they themselves know is both wrong and punishable according to their agreement. The illusion of ‘not wanting to be punished’ is based on a fleeting and natural desire to avoid accountability even as that person craves such accountability. I like to think of this as 12-step DD. “I can’t do this on my own because I’ll lose my nerve, so I have to put my fate in the hands of a higher power” in this case a dominant but caring and responsible, fair spouse. But the desire to be held accountable is still there….as is the consent.

In order to bestow omnipotence onto this mortal disciplinarian, the person craving accountability tells themselves: 1. I agreed to this hence I am ‘honor-bound to go along with it. 2: Since I asked for this and feel I need it, I am doing a disservice to my Top’s confidence if I balk at a punishment. 3: He/she knows better than I and I trust them, and sometimes even….4. My partner IS a deity of sorts, far elevated above lowly, weak me. And in the case of CDD….5. My actual deity did put this person in charge of me, so who am I to question them? With these rationales in place, it seems one's disciplinary fate is sealed and out of the miscreant's hands. But is it really?

The trouble with every point listed is that while true to some degree, or believed true to some degree, all are constructs of the mind created to foster the illusion that this is out of the submissive partner’s hands. The reality is it’s 2021. Any REAL objection can be dealt with by fleeing the situation, calling 911, or “just saying ‘no’” even if the same person said yes not just a year ago but even one minute ago. 'Yes' is 'yes' right up until it becomes “no, stop”. If you don’t SAY, “no, stop” then you are clearly consenting in that moment.

Another point to consider is that whether heavily-negotiated and signed into an informal contract, or decided upon with a nod and a wink, pre-consent IS ALWAYS CONDITIONAL. If someone told me that they gave another person total authority over them without establishing any sort of expectation of what that authority would entail I would be highly concerned for their welfare and probably recommend some sort of psychotherapy for low self-esteem, and perhaps even self-destructive inclinations. If a situation develops that meets the conditions, a person craving accountability might well feel honor-bound to comply. Hell, even I do this at times. But if the situation departs significantly from what the understanding was at the time of consent, then…the deal’s off, isn’t it? 

And….even if all conditions ARE met, just as a Top can change, so can a sub. What seemed like a good idea a year ago….or that minute ago…..might not be so beneficial in the moment, and every person is free in that moment to back out.


“I trust my partner so consent is never an issue.” To this person I ask, “hey, did you ever watch Forensic Files?” Every trustworthy person is trustworthy right up until the day they aren’t…..and granted that day may never come, but it certainly could, and has enough times with others for it to always be a possibility. Even a saint can become a sinner due to a plethora of circumstances ............from some traumatic event, chemical imbalance brought on by age or disease, or simply not feeling like they used to about things. 

It sure is!'s conditional AND fluid.

Think of the pervasiveness of divorce. Who marries someone they know they will divorce and even hate in ten years? To say ‘I don’t need consent because I’m on board with this’ is like saying, ‘I don’t need a lawyer because we’re not going to court today.’ A very true and logical statement…………….right up until the day you DO need to go to court and are totally free to call up a counsellor. I am sure some sub out there once gave their blanket consent or pre-consent to someone they have long since divorced. If such an agreement is so binding and unconditional and that person was so trustworthy at the time, why not call that person now and see if they feel like beating you for any reason?

"When this divorce is finalized I am SO going to beat your ass!"
"Like hell you are!"
"Oh yeah! You PRE-CONSENTED on our wedding night and that still counts!"

There are plenty of kinky, spank-oriented people out there who never venture into the "spanks for real issues" territory because it can be volatile. I get that. For those of us for whom 'discipline' is a need or desire, there IS a natural inclination to try to construct a framework that takes our ability to refuse out of the equation. It is common for people who want to be disciplined as IF they were back to being kids under a parent's authority to try to recreate that dynamic, but as desirable as it can seem, it isn't always a great idea, and to my point here, not even really possible.

Rosa and I are certainly serious about the DD aspect of our relationship. When there is a serious issue to be dealt with and the deemed consequence is a truly is a punishment and not 'fun'. Most times I know when I screwed up and am on board with what happens as a result. Hell, sometimes I even ASK to be punished out of guilt! Other times Rosa surprises me with her reaction to something that I would not have thought bad, but upon hearing her explanations, again acquiesce to the punishment. And then there are times when I just don't see my guilt. At these times we both feel it destructive to forge ahead with a punishment likely to result in more resentment than resolution.....and therefore we either postpone until I see her point, or more rarely just drop it as too volatile. BUT...............even IF I went along with it reluctantly or even defiantly.....the key notion is: I AM going along with it.

The notion of pre-consent and non-consent are huge triggers for some people, but the sheer fact is despite the depth of commitment to such an agreement a person is more bound by the pre-consent of getting on a roller-coaster than they are in a DD situation. Once the ride starts and it gets too scary, you are kind of stuck until it’s over, but a DD session that is going wrong can be ended at any time. If you don't end it? Well, whatever you want to think (or pretend) just CONSENTED.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Birthday Spanks!!!

As I announced the other day, my dear friend and spanking-buddy, Nickki, told me to come over Sunday morning (with Rosa's permission)  for a "Birthday Surprise" spanking........and that is exactly what I did! Upon arriving we naturally discussed things that friends do at Holiday Time and after settling some dates and ideas, it drew time to get to the main reason for my visit.

Nickki informed me that my apron was waiting for me, but I told her that I had some special panties that I would like to wear for the occasion and would it be OK to don those frillies.......either with the apron as well or just alone? She agreed and said that the panties alone would be sufficient. While I did not go into detail out of embarrassment, my desire to wear pouch panties was not solely rooted in the fun aspect of being a sub guy in feminizing attire, but also as a practical solution to a little problem I have when I am in the middle of a long denial period, as I am now. Even without overt sexual teasing, my body will react to the littlest, and even most innocuous, things with an embarrassing leaking of fluid. Not a lot, but enough to leave a tiny mess. Staining Nickki's pillows or lap was the LAST thing I wanted. When I say 'littlest things' I mean it can happen from driving! So I know that the clenching, squeezing, and undulations from a spanking are certainly enough to trigger this as well. Thankfully panties help, and Nickki agreed to them. And besides........I look damned CUTE in them! LOL

Don'tcha think? LOL

However, while these panties offer a protection of sorts for my front, they do absolutely NOTHING to protect my backside, and once across Nickki's lap, despite this being an 'entirely for fun' spanking, her paddle immediately had me "kicking like a swimmer" (to use Nickki's expression). As I described in the other post, and from what you all already know from prior adventures, Nickki spanks HARD! And Sunday was no exception.

At one point Nickki said "this feels weird today" and I wondered what she meant, hoping that this wasn't turning out to be a negative experience for her, but she went on to explain that it felt weird to her, after so many punishments, to be spanking me when she wasn't the least bit upset with me! LOL I assured her that my bottom was utterly convinced she was indeed angry and feeling just as punished as if I had committed some terrible transgression. 

Spanking selfies aren't easy! But this is a nice shot of how and where I spent my morning.

I will admit that we both laughed and joked more than usual during that paddling, despite the intensity of the smacks. Nickki's spanks were accompanied by playful scolds......though not her usual stern ones and I truly struggled with the pain. It took a good while for my butt to become accustomed to the situation and for me to settle into just taking my spanking without a lot of fuss. Eventually though, I just relaxed into the experience and submissively absorbed the stinging smacks. Sincere whimpers replaced my active struggling and at one point I confessed to my dear friend that I felt completely a good way......kind of like a horse at that almost magical moment of being broken.

Not the best shot of my bottom since the glare is masking the beaten condition of it at this point, BUT it's my favorite shot of Nickki from that morning! Don't you just love her expression?

What was a little surprising to me.......again in a good way.....was how long and hard this play spanking continued to go on. I guess my dear Nickki was enjoying spanking me as much as I appreciated her efforts. Despite already having been very well-spanked, Nickki informed me at a later point that even though my bottom was impressively pink and warm, it wasn't quite yet in the condition she was after. She then kind of redoubled her efforts and really gave it to me but good! As she spanked me harder and with a clear intent on achieving a certain result, she remarked that NOW my butt-flesh was starting to "tighten up" (meaning it was getting swollen and leathery) which is what she wanted. 

This shot shows that tightness and fullness of the swelling Nickki was after. My butt is small, skinny, and even at my age now, a little flabby. Here it looks plump and that is all from the spanking!.

After a while, past the point where I had already surrendered to it all, I confessed to Nickki that while it may sound strange, I felt very contented and even calm to be where I was. I have been spanked into subspace before, and this wasn't quite that, but it was close.

Even after Nickki managed to turn my cheeks into two throbbing mounds of plumped fire, she continued the spanking and stopped only when she felt further trauma would result in an undesired level of abrasion. It was then that she stopped, even though I remained on her lap for quite a bit of recovery time after.

But as with all things, eventually it was time to end our adventure and after some shots taken for this post, I dressed and left......feeling VERY contented, sore, and appreciative.

THANKS NICKKI! YOU ARE THE BEST! And 'yes' butt STILL stings today! 

No way to deny the obvious condition of my poor bottom when Nickki finally stopped. And stung as bad as it looked! This shot clearly shows what my butt ended up looking like.


Thursday, December 9, 2021

Sunday spanks

Well the Hatch Act post proved to be as popular as a fart in an elevator, but when I thought about it, I realized that since my current crop of 'regulars' hail almost entirely from other countries, it makes sense there would be less interest in something so specific to the US. So, today I have something more spank-oriented to relate....and spanks sting as much in Canada as they do in Belgium. LOL

Yesterday, my dear sweet Nikki was texting with me about a snowblower of all things, and suffice it to say that even an innocent topic like that can trigger all sorts of other things with two people like us. In this instance it was spanking (go figure) with me posing a hypothetical about adding some spanks to her running list for me for whenever we get together next. Nickki then replied with her own question........and not with some hypothetical 'what do you think about...blah-blah-blah?'-type exchange of opinions, but rather a 'are you free Sunday morning?'-type direction. Much more direct. Much more specific. Far less hypothetical and far more a practical question of availability rather than curiosity over opinions. 

I love this model but Nickki would never forego her custom paddle in favor of her hand.

At first, Nickki wasn't overly specific about the spanking aspect and just said "for a birthday surprise", but since she did instruct me to clear this excursion with my Honey, Rosa.......and since I don't need Rosa's permission just to help Nickki out with a project or pick up a present, but I (and Nickki) do need it for a spanking, I immediately knew what her intention was. To be clear I asked her specifically and Nickki confirmed that this was indeed for spanking, but her reasons seemed to be a mix......kind of like the Smorgasbord Spanking I wrote about back in August .....a little fun, a little serious, and all very painful regardless. 

A shot I haven't shown before of my butt after August's Proxy/Smorgasbord spanking.

As always, Rosa had no problem with it, being not only trusting of Nickki and me, but also bemusedly encouraging of her friend's (remember, Rosa has known Nickki YEARS longer than I have) authority to spank me for whatever reason she deems appropriate. So I texted Nickki earlier today informing her of the 'green light' and it seems we are set for another adventure.

I do like how Nickki has grown confident in her ability to make such a request and I also like how Rosa gets to put her seal of approval on whatever Nickki intends to do. And as for knowing I have a spanking coming from Nickki in a couple of days? Well, I must be in an ideal frame of mind for such news, because I can't think of too many things I'd rather be doing on a Sunday morning.......and that's with me knowing full well that even if this is mostly or even entirely PLAY, my bottom will definitely be burning on my ride home! 

Nickki just flat-out spanks hard regardless of the reason, and I mean me-kicking/wriggling/clenching/ouching-level hard. Several people have mentioned the obvious joy in Nickki's expression in the post-spanking shots I've posted here over the years, and it's true. But old-timers here may recall that she didn't start out that way. She grew into it. And I truly believe that once she realized how hard she could spank without either breaking me or losing my friendship and cooperation, she got hooked on the exhilarating freedom to really cut loose and let her inner sadist out to roast some ass.

Though I've shown it before, this is still my favorite shot of a 'post-paddling Nickki'! Despite the abrasions that we now strive to avoid repeating due to the lengthy time they took to heal, neither of us are sorry it happened that one time and in her interview Nickki  even stated that her proudest moment as my Top was "beating you raw because you now know what I’m capable of."

So now it's just a matter of finding out how Sunday will end up for me. I'm sure there won't be a repeat of these abrasions since it's something we've both agreed on avoiding, but short of that? Knowing my Nickki, a red rump is pretty much a given.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

End Tymes Theatre 3

It’s time again for “End Tymes Theatre” brought to you by KDPierre’s “End Tymes Popcorn” 

Today’s feature is “The Hatch Act”

Prologue: The Hatch Act is a semi-impotent piece of legislation intended to prevent a current federal employee from using the benefits of their office to campaign for their favorite candidate.

Act 1: Who the fuck wrote this thing? And I don’t mean the actual author Carl Hatch of New Mexico in 1939, I mean, who wrote this thing as it stands since it is virtually useless against Senate-approved positions which are the most concerning violators? Sure, you can go after all other Federal employees...even jail them...but not cabinet members. So why the hell would anyone construct something this full of holes?

Carl Atwood Hatch

Act 2: The Cat and the Crony.  In the case of cabinet level personnel, only the president can decide what to do to punish offenses. So, think about that: you’re the president and one of your minions uses their platform to campaign on your behalf, or the behalf of someone you support. Someone reports them to you as a violator. How likely are you to punish this person? Might you even laugh it off and reward them instead? 

Act 3 Finale: No news is …..actually news.  If this is the way the act was constructed, why even waste time reporting it? To me this is like complaining about the Electoral College every four years, or about Daylight Savings Time every year, and yet knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever change. You know what would be news? Hearing that Congress is going to amend the Act (yet again’s been amended more than once already) to make cabinet members just as vulnerable to serious jail time as their less-protected co-workers operating in other political capacities and that these charges can be leveled and prosecuted by Congress and not the merely the president.  

Don’t hold your breath. But until then? Just shut the fuck up and report something pertinent.