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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

End Tymes Theatre 3

It’s time again for “End Tymes Theatre” brought to you by KDPierre’s “End Tymes Popcorn” 

Today’s feature is “The Hatch Act”

Prologue: The Hatch Act is a semi-impotent piece of legislation intended to prevent a current federal employee from using the benefits of their office to campaign for their favorite candidate.

Act 1: Who the fuck wrote this thing? And I don’t mean the actual author Carl Hatch of New Mexico in 1939, I mean, who wrote this thing as it stands since it is virtually useless against Senate-approved positions which are the most concerning violators? Sure, you can go after all other Federal employees...even jail them...but not cabinet members. So why the hell would anyone construct something this full of holes?

Carl Atwood Hatch

Act 2: The Cat and the Crony.  In the case of cabinet level personnel, only the president can decide what to do to punish offenses. So, think about that: you’re the president and one of your minions uses their platform to campaign on your behalf, or the behalf of someone you support. Someone reports them to you as a violator. How likely are you to punish this person? Might you even laugh it off and reward them instead? 

Act 3 Finale: No news is …..actually news.  If this is the way the act was constructed, why even waste time reporting it? To me this is like complaining about the Electoral College every four years, or about Daylight Savings Time every year, and yet knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever change. You know what would be news? Hearing that Congress is going to amend the Act (yet again’s been amended more than once already) to make cabinet members just as vulnerable to serious jail time as their less-protected co-workers operating in other political capacities and that these charges can be leveled and prosecuted by Congress and not the merely the president.  

Don’t hold your breath. But until then? Just shut the fuck up and report something pertinent.


  1. Parliamentary immunity has been established in France in 1791, the idea came from the friends of Mirabeau fighting the royalty, as this was a useful tool for political action. It was amended constitionally in 1791, with the introduction of exception for "flagrant délit" cases. It seems something drifted...

    1. I think these laws..... wherever they are....were likely put in place with the best of intentions. However, it seems that once something is drafted in writing and enacted as a 'law', the human inclination is to immediately try to use loopholes and privilege to pervert it into something other than it was ever meant to be.

  2. I, sadly, do agree. For me, this "human inclination" is a strong manifestation of hubris, in the greek sense of the term. Bring us back popcorn, Please!