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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Top Ten(s)

Over at Mrs. Fever's fine place there is a bit of a celebration going on. Why not head over and join in?  While there I saw this thing from another nice place: Rebel's Notes and her Wicked Wednesday prompt.

One thing currently underway is a prompt to post about our blog's "Top Tens". Since I think it's difficult for the average new reader to know what to click onto even if they are willing to scroll back through an archive, the idea of posting some suggestions appealed to me. But.....again, me being me, I am not going to post what Blogger tells me are the Top Tens, but what I think are the best posts in certain categories, and since many are multi-part, I am also going to take liberties in whether I post 10, or more, or fewer, so as to offset the 'multis'. I think as the author of this stuff I am a better judge of what is worth reading than the accumulated cruising habits of click-bait thrill-seekers looking to jerk off. 

So, if you are new here, but like this strange little place, and are willing to travel back in time to some old posts I believe are worthy of a look, please consider, in each of these categories, the following recommendations: (they are NOT in ranked order, but a bit random as I found them)

Socio-political-scientific commentary 

Religious Freedom 10/11/17 & Having your cake 10/12/17 (self-explanatory)

Time to Go (multipart from intro to conclusion) 6/23/21 on over several days to 7/6/21 -----A serious look at extinction events and how we fit into it all.

Science Deniers 7/1/18

Woke-joke 5/19/21 -----A piece confronting the assertion that ALL men are misogynist.

Age of Rage & More on rage 3/19/18-3/20/18

A view from the middle 2/6/20 looking at things without a tribal perspective

CDD 8/2/18---a look at Christian Domestic Discipline

Year  'round vacation 11/14/17--- a look at societal neoteny 

Biden is a pedophile 6/16/20

Pop 2/5/20

Cursing 6/28/16---a look at......cursing

Beleaguered Conservatives 3/27/20 ----exposing the myth of conservative-bashing

Humor/satire: political or otherwise

Finding Religion 12/21/20 ----learn about my own religion

The Bureaucrat 5/14/21----a story of a bureaucrat in Hell

Cocks in Locks 8/19/16----a brief perversion of Dr. Seuss

Mecha-Trump 8/31/20-----Trump is a robot

Geniclature 5/16/16----what shall we call our hoo-hoos?


Banana 4/9/21---things to do with a banana

Spanking Captions 8/9/20-----but not what you'd expect

More ridiculous captions 5/11/16----captions that are out there

Impalement 10/26/17-----yep, impalement. You read it correctly.

Nativity naivete 12/16/17----do away with the manger

Facial expressions (multi-part starting on 8/24/18 and concluding on 9/04/18)


Sick Memories 1/12/18----kinks stemming from childhood illness

More origins 1/19/18----more kinks rooted in my childhood

Odd Maternal Musings 6/19/18-----and even more

Embarrassment 7/24/18----what embarrasses someone like me?

The Elephant (parts 1&2) 1/31/21 -2/1/21---Erectile dysfunction as something other than a punchline

Chastity begins at home (1&2) 12/10/20- 12/11/20---my history with orgasm control

Reviews and Critiques of movies, art, & writing

Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok 6/11/18 -6/12/18

Steadicam 7/9/16

Spanking & Humor  12/7/17

Coloring as Art  7/5/18

Cartoon Peeves (multi-part series starting on 9/24/19 and concluding on 9/26/19)

Drawing 2/19/21


  1. That's quite a collection!

    I notice these all seem to be from 2016-present. When did you start blogging?

    1. August 31st 2015 saw this blog's first double-post for the day. But your question made me think you don't visit here from a laptop. Have you ever viewed this blog in "web mode" or just from a phone? There are all sorts of goodies in the right margib that you can't see from a phone and the answer to your question would be one of them since the margin also features an archive of posts over the years.

      I always worry that in these more phone-driven times, the intended look and layout of this page is hidden from most viewers.

    2. Hi, I don't particularly like that the phone view and the web view are different either, so in my settings I don't enable phone view. This way if anyone is looking at my blog on their phone browser they'll still see the laptop version.

    3. Oh wait, it might not be an option for ALL themes.

      (Happy New Year btw. May 2022 be less sucky than 2021.)

    4. I'll check that out. If I can I will select that restriction. I also find that phone view doesn't show the comment "rules" either.......which is why I think I get so many first-time violators. I think they're just not seeing them. And yeah, I'll raise a glass in hope.

    5. I was able to change it. I hope it doesn't piss anyone off. LOL My theme design does allow the phone view to be disabled when viewed from a phone. I think Hermione has this as well because her blog comes up on my phone looking like the laptop view.

    6. I'm sure it's not going to piss anyone off. And if anyone does get annoyed, then tough shit. LOL.

      Have a great weekend and may the year hold fewer medical problems for ALL of us!

    7. I sometimes visit from my PC, particularly when my comments disappear (which seems to happen more often on my phone). But usually I don't have time to sit at a stationary screen; I read your posts via my WordPress Reader, which shows the post only. If I want to comment, I click through to the web version but it takes me directly to your comments box.

      I'm viewing this in full-site mode right now though, so yes I can see your archives list. :)

    8. Mrs. F: I think there’s a phone setting that has to be enabled or disabled that most people do not prefer that is the culprit. I know that is what the issue is for Nickki.

  2. P.S. Don't forget to add your post to the link up:

    1. I struggled through it but it took eventually. Not a particularly user-friendly app. ;-(

    2. You are right, the first time linking with the InLinkz app can be a pain, but that's only the first time. In my defense, it's not my program... That said, I was just about to link your post when I saw it pop into my email :)
      If in future you want to join in, you can also put your post in the comments section and I will link it for you.

    3. Thanks, that is very kind of you, and I of course knew the app was not your doing. Hell, I use Blogger here and I can't begin to tell you how many issues my readers have suffered due to glitches in their programming. Interesting considering the timing of our efforts though. ;-)

  3. This is quite a collection of post and my eye fell on a couple of interesting titles, which I hope to be back to read in the new year! Thank you so much for joining in during this landmark week, and I hope to see you back in the new year :)
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you, Marie. I am glad you found some tidbits of interest here. Take your time and enjoy. I am glad I saw your prompt through Mrs. Fever's post, since making some past "worthies" more accessible to newcomers has been an interest of mine for a while now. Your prompt was just a good slap from behind at the right moment for me to make it finally happen. ;-)

  4. It's gonna take me a while to go through all those. I think that I will take4 a peek at the older ones first.


    1. Great. Sure, just use this post as a kind of 'table of recommended contents' for future reading. I'm just glad some of the newer folks will get a chance to see some stuff I think they (and you) might enjoy from the early days here.

  5. Something for everyone, certainly. I have catching up to do.
    Happy 2022. Thanks for making us think. (Well, me, anyway.)

    1. I would hope. And thanks. Try some of the older stuff you might have missed.

  6. What a great summary of favourites. I loved the Mecha-Trump.


    1. Thanks, my friend. It is a nice compilation for the newbies, but maybe redundant for you, Merry, and some others who have been visiting here from the very beginning and I thank you for that!